I want to create a bootstrapper without this step because I don`t want it to display a license agreement. Is it possible to do that? If so, how? To use the WiX Standard Bootstrapper app, a item must reference one of the above identifiers. The following example uses the bootstrapper application that displays the license: I found another option – stackoverflow.com/questions/597025/how-to-build-a-minimal-wix-installer-ui-without-a-license-page but cannot be integrated into your [WixSetup] template. Can you please help me here? stackoverflow.com/questions/16978501/how-to-create-a-bootstrapper-application-without-a-license-agreement-step Change your bootstrapper definition as follows: The following example links to a license page on the Internet. I created a WiX bootstrapper project. When the installation runs, a license agreement is presented. If you are using a WixStdBA theme that displays the license as a hyperlink, the license is optional. Type an empty string for WixStandardBootstrapperApplication/@LicenseUrl— does not display the Accept hyperlink and license check box, which provides an “unlicensed” installation. When I use the bootstrapper project (.exe), EXE has different screens (which we don`t want). When we run EXE, MSI is installed behind the scenes (I mean in the background).

After that, your bootstrapper should now look like this: I used a custom theme to get rid of the license agreement stage. A brief overview of how to do this can be found here. WixStandardBootstrapperApplication has three variants, as explained in the documents. HyperlinkLicense is the simplest. It has a license link on the home page instead of a license page. You can specify an empty URL for the license, in which case the link will not be displayed. For example, the WiX Standard Bootstrapper (WixStdBA) application supports displaying a license in RTF format and/or linking to a license file that exists locally or on the web. The license file is specified in the bal:WixStandardBootstrapperApplication element with the LicenseFile or LicenseUrl attributes, depending on the WixStdBA theme used. As described in Introduction to Creating Installation Package Packages, each bundle requires a bootstrapper application DLL to control the Burn module. Custom bootstrapper applications can be created, but require the developer to write native or managed code. Therefore, the WiX toolset provides a standard bootstrapper application that developers can use and customize in certain ways.

If you are using a bootstrapper solution, create an EXE file with its own user interface. The MSI is installed in the background and its user interface is never exposed, so the change you`re trying to make without a difference would do anything. IsWiX really only creates the boot model for a bootstrapper and nothing beyond. This is a WiX question and a Google search finds: PS- You need to remove the bootstrapper project from the solution if you don`t want it to speed up your builds. IsWiX also has an “IsWiX Solution” template that does not include a bootstrapper project if you want to create other solutions in the future that create only one MSI. Extract it to a folder and add HyperlinkTheme.xml, and HyperlinkTheme.wxl to your bootstrapper project. The files are located in srcextBalExtensionwixstdbaResources relative to where they were extracted. .