To increase secrecy, parties to a cover letter sometimes choose to keep it confident. In this subsequent situation, the parties must carefully draft the instructions they wish to give to the fiduciary agent and may decide to hire lawyers as fiduciary agents to take advantage of the legal privilege associated with this profession. Page letters remain valuable tools to keep them secret or circumvent contractual provisions. If they do not deserve their dark reputation, they certainly deserve special attention. The last and probably the most important criterion is consideration (a form of payment). The counterparty does not have to take a monetary form and can simply be a mutual advantage (or disadvantage). As a rule, a secondary letter is used to clarify the details of the contract, and therefore the need for consideration is satisfied, as there is an advantage for both parties. In the absence of execution or payment, a secondary letter can only become legally binding if it is executed as a fact, which means, among other things, that it must indicate that the secondary letter is a fact and that the signatures of the parties must be attested. It may be easier (and less costly) to outline the changes in a cover letter, which also saves the parties from having to initialize any changes to the original contract. Recommendations can be made on the content (I) and secrecy (II) of secondary letters. Feel really more detailed, my certifications column than one day and effect a cover letter, the middle and this agreement.

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