At present, however, Northern Ireland is primarily and urgently a Brexit issue. Theresa May seems to have realised that it is not possible in Ireland to have a hard Brexit and a soft border. But she has yet to rally her cabinet – let alone her party – behind a coherent compromise between the interests of the UK market, its post-Brexit status and a politically viable timeline. It has rightly ruled out a settlement of the Irish border issue which treats Northern Ireland as a special case. As former British Ambassador to the EU Sir Ivan Rogers explained in a speech this week, the least difficult – and perhaps the only – path for the UK as a whole is to remain in a customs union with the EU. The SDLP, Labour`s sister party in Northern Ireland, has called on Corbyn to support remaining in the European Economic Area to keep the UK in the single market. But that`s the reality of McGuiness – who was a front-line commander of Bogside`s ASU at the time of Bloody Sunday, became commander of the entire Derry Brigade before rising through the ranks to the post of Chief of Staff of the Provisional Army Council. Not only has he directed terrorist operations, but he has actively participated in attacks in which soldiers, police and civilians have been killed and maimed, participated in torture and executions (including of children) (allegedly) – and have been (allegedly) exceptionally gifted. And the state has rewarded him well.

He even has an armed bodyguard who is paid by us. It is a lullaby meant to reassure those worried about the real and well-founded fear that a Corbyn-led Labour Party would never be able to form a Labour government. This is a shame, because our work on the Good Friday Agreement and on obtaining additional measures in the peace process in Northern Ireland is one of the brilliant achievements of the New Work Government. I was recently told that, like all other people in Northern Ireland, I was wrong about the Good Friday Agreement and the peace process in Northern Ireland. Rather than being the product of improbable, confusing and exhausting negotiations between at least five different parties, it was actually Jeremy Corbyn who “established peace in Northern Ireland”. This was despite the fact that I had never heard another Northern Irishman pronounce Corbyn`s name out of gratitude, anger or even last month. 1. Swatantra refers to Catholics as second-class citizens. But for Labour and the unions, everyone in Northern Ireland is second class.

We must not have Labour candidates in elections. We will never be able to vote on Jeremy Corbyn`s manifesto. We are only allowed to be a party member after the threat of legal action. Interestingly, even Corbyn`s members on this body do not attempt to justify his vote against the 1986 Anglo-Irish agreement, with Enoch Powell and Ian Paisley. Unfortunately, his adherence to the dogma of a “united Ireland” outweighed his commitment to peace in Ireland. The peace to which the AEOI has led may be far from ideal, but, my God, it is an improvement over the violence of before. You did a great job until you mentioned Goebbels, No need for the party and the leader to suffer severely from propaganda, it`s actually much more sophisticated and insidious than that, young people and progressives who have good news don`t get any of this and choose Sinn Fein in Ireland and Bernie Sanders in the states SMU is a bigger problem Feel like the Conservatives` agreement and the alliance with the DUP jeopardize the Good Friday Agreement? He did it several times. .