This VirtualBox Extension Pack Personal Use and Evaluation License regulates your access and use of the VirtualBox Extension Pack. It does not apply to VirtualBox`s basic package and/or its licensed source code under version 2 of the GNU GPL General Public License. To purchase Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack Enterprise licenses, visit oracle Store or contact your local sales office. Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack Enterprise Named User Plus licenses must be purchased in an initial quantity of at least 100. The standard VB-Builds that were downloaded by are now GPL2 (i.e. completely free to use in any way) Not without a special Oracle license. Neither the Private Use and Evaluation License nor the Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack Enterprise license allow you to distribute the binary files from the virtualbox Pack extension. If you don`t get a separate license from Oracle, you can`t make them available on your own websites or other mirrors or distribute them in another way. If you are interested in a distribution license, please contact For information on the VirtualBox Extension Pack distribution license, please contact 0. This license applies to any program or other work containing a notification from the copyright holder that it may be distributed under the terms of this public licence.

The following “program” refers to such a program or work, and a “work on the basis of the programme” refers to either the program or a work derived from copyright: that is, a work containing the programme or part of it, translated literally or with modifications and/or another language. (Hereafter, the translation is inserted without restriction into the term “modification.”) Each licensee is considered “you.” Any use of VirtualBox software that cannot be licensed by the Personal Use and Evaluation License requires a commercial license for Oracle VM VirtualBox Enterprise, with the following licensing models and associated prices: 2 licensing. Oracle grants you a personal license, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited, at no cost for the multiplication, installation, execution and internal use of the product on host computers for your personal use, educational use or educational evaluation.