Here is a list of prohibited activities that should be included in the agreement. To facilitate your entry into the writing of service descriptions, here are some examples of common volunteer positions. In the agreement, you must make it clear to your volunteers that the Forest Service expects all its representatives to respect the principles of citizenship in terms of personal behaviour and to adopt a high degree of personal integrity. They should also be aware that acceptable behaviour involves not only sincere respect for the rights and feelings of others, but also assurance that their personal behaviour avoids any act that might be harmful or that might be considered discriminatory for other volunteers, employees or forest services – or that could provoke an adverse public reaction. The volunteer`s mission is to fulfill the service as described and agreed in the volunteer contract and to maintain a high level of ethics and behaviour. After signing the volunteer contract, the volunteer and the line officer must sign it. The official agreement is kept in your files and a copy will be given to the volunteer and his superior. Opening times: Days vary, but service is between 7.30am.m and 6.m. The teams are 6 to 8 hours. In addition to the necessary information, all points of the agreement provided by the Agency must be identified: once you have decided to cooperate with volunteers, they must complete and sign a voluntary agreement, i.e. an FS-1800-7 form for individual volunteers (Annex D), form FS-1800-8 for sponsored or voluntary group services (Annex D) or form FS-1800-6 for international volunteers (Annex D).

The individual volunteer contract is used for people who wish to give their time and talent to the forest service and who are not related to an organized group (Figure 26). For the sponsored volunteer contract, add a list of all volunteer names, addresses and phone numbers and get signed and dated by each volunteer. Electronic volunteer contracts are available on the forest service`s internal computer network at The volunteer contract allows the forest service to accept a voluntary “direct service.” In essence, the volunteer contract is a contract between the volunteer and the forest service. The agreement ensures that volunteers are covered by the Federal Workers` Compensation Act 1974. In addition, volunteers may be compensated for incidental costs. Whenever there is a question about what is planned, the volunteer contract serves as a starting document. A volunteer contract may remain open for a single obligation, one season or several years. A sponsored volunteer contract is used for individuals who wish to donate their time to the forest service but who belong to or are supervised by another institution or organization or a local government or state government.

Some volunteer organizations include the Florida Trail Association, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts (photo 27) and back country horsemen. These groups recruit, train and house volunteers with or in partnership with the forest service. These volunteers are documented as a group under the name of their organizing organization on the sponsored volunteer contract. In addition to forest service guidelines and regulations, volunteers who provide services under a sponsored volunteer agreement may be advised by their organizing association. Volunteers who provide a service under a sponsored volunteer agreement should check with their host organization if they have all the information they need to succeed in their experience.