Concurrent user: per-computer license on which multiple users access the application, but only one by one. For example, if several people need to use the software at the same time, you will simply need enough concurrent licenses to cover simultaneous use. For example, if you installed the software on a server with 100 users, but only 10 people need to be used simultaneously, you will need 10 concurrent licenses. Annual subscriptions Per user per year, a software license is required. In order to continue using the software after the first year, you must purchase an annual upgrade license each year. 13. Defensibility. Except as otherwise provided in this SEA, you may not withdraw this Agreement or the rights and obligations arising from this Agreement without the prior written consent of IDM. 2. Subscription-based software license (if applicable). If we provide the Software to you as part of your subscription to use the Services, we grant you a non-exclusive license to install and use the Software, subject to your compliance with these terms: (a) in the Territory, (b) as long as your subscription is valid, and (c) in accordance with the applicable terms and documentation of this Agreement. For personal subscriptions, you can activate the software simultaneously on up to 5 computers (or virtual machines). If your activations are linked to a license ID for a company, enterprise, or academic institution, your activations are limited to the quantity purchased.

Personal activations should not be used by anyone other than the individual lessee. If you have received the Software and all NECESSARY SOFTWAR keys from IDM or any of its authorized distributors and for as long as you comply with the terms of the EULA, IDM grants you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited license to install and use the SOFTWARE PRODUCT OR SOFTWARE in a manner consistent with its design and documentation. and your order. You may only use the Software in accordance with the license you have ordered and granted by IDM. IDM offers different types of licenses to meet the needs of its customers. For the SOFTWARE PRODUCT OR SOFTWARE, certain licenses are offered based on the use of the software. Your order means the authorized use of the SOFTWARE, which may include, but is not limited to: personal license, concurrent license, multi-license, location license, corporate license, or quantity discount license….