Marianne, Lynda, and Bill,

We are grateful for being able to work with a very professional real estate team and all the things you have done behind the scene on our behalf to help us sell the Silent Ridge house, purchase and rent out the Portland house. Thank you for your services, trusting advice, and the friendship.

Warmest regards,
Charles and Terry



I just wanted to say again how much Vicky and I appreciate the outstanding work you and your team accomplished in selling our house. Today it came to my attention (I’m sure you already know) that 904 Douglass Drive sold for $1.85 million after 131 days on market. (Recall that house started out at $2.575 million.) It is a testament to your skill, knowledge, persistence, and professionalism that we got a far better deal. Again, many thanks, and best wishes.

Best regards,
Dennis and Vicky