A termination is made when the tenancy agreement is terminated in accordance with the provisions of the Rent Act. As a general rule, the landlord cannot terminate a tenant with an indeterminate tenancy agreement, unless some of the reasons mentioned in paragraphs 83 and 84 of the Rent Act are found. This includes cases, z.B. if the tenant abdicates good ordinary customs and order, if the landlord wants to move in himself (in this case, the landlord must notice you 1 year before) and if the property/rental is to be demolished. The subletting form of the residence must always be completed and approved by the Secretariat no later than 1 month before the start of the subletting. When the subletting period . B begins on March 1, it is the responsibility that the form for completed sublease contracts is approved by the secretariat no later than February 1. It is recommended that the sub-lease be submitted to the Secretariat during the secretariat`s opening hours, so that you will be informed immediately if the sublease contract is approved. The Secretariat sends the approved sublease contract to KAB, which then inserts the subtenant into the deferral list on the start date of the subletting period and into the list of the extract for the date of the end of the subletting.

If you sublet your room for educational reasons, you can sublet up to 6 months from the 1st or 15th of the month – longer subletting times require a special exemption from the board of directors. Your own rental must be valid for the entire sublease period. How do I sublet a room and apartment? Are you going to sublet a room or an entire apartment? Under lease is a tenancy agreement between two tenants, and a type of A9 rental contract should be used. In section 1, co-see Diesubleasing. Download the form below. The documentation of the study activity of the subtenant and the subtenant throughout the subletting period is very important. If the documentation relating to the activation of studies during the sublease period is not attached to the sublease agreement, the secretariat cannot approve the sublease. You cannot sublet your room with airbnb.com or similar platforms. Both the subtenant (current tenant) and the subtenant must be active students for the duration of the subletting period – documentation for the study activity must be attached to the sublease contract when handed over to the secretariat. The rental agreement is the written contract between you and your landlord. The lease agreement is legally binding between you and your landlord.

It describes the tenant and your landlord`s obligations and rights with respect to the tenancy agreement – for example: Regardless of the length of the sublease, it is necessary for the subtenant and the subtenant to be active students throughout the subletting period. Documents relating to the study activity must be made available to the secretariat throughout the subletting period. The documentation for your study activity in a foreign country may be a letter of admission from the foreign university or other. If you are unsure of the type of documentation that is sufficient, please contact the secretariat.