An interesting and educational video for anyone intending to take the Start Deutsch А1 exam at Goethe-Institut. Here you will find useful tips, educational materials, sample letters, activities with cards, question-answer activities easily accessible. The salutations. First know the type of letter. Is it a formal, informal or half formal, because they all have their specific form of salutations and final greetings at the end. Learn the various forms because that’s a full mark which you should never lose. It is actually fun to write the letter. I found a couple of examples on youtube so you can easily find them as well. However, I have attached below some of the revision letters we did during the preparation course. Have a look. The teacher actually revised with us the letter, so the handwritten ones are actually the teacher’s answers.

You can use them to guide you on how to tackle such questions. You can attempt the others and give your teacher or spouse or friend to mark it for you. JBMK marked all my revisions and showed me where I went wrong. The other posts definitely have clearer pics, although not related to the german exams. Alles Gute and please let us know how the exams go. 👍 Sehr geehrter Herr. Kraut,ich heiße Julia. Ich habe starke Schmerzen und möchte einen Termin am Montag vereinbaren. Wann kann ich kommen? Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Julia T. Sofa zu verkaufen! Graubraunes Sofa zu verkaufen, 2 Jahre alt, 180 cm breit, nur 70 Euro. Tel: 0221/1642 1235 (ab 18 Uhr) The lesen part is also a right or false part.

So really you can guess the entire section, but remember, we only have five to guess so we have to be extra keen here. This part is also about knowing your vocabulary. I got a pocket dictionary and I carried it everywhere I went. Whenever I went somewhere, hey salt, what’s that in German, I pop the dictionary and it went on like that. Good thing the vocabulary could actually come in handy during sprechen. So lesen, secret is, learn as many words as possible. Who cares if it’s just A1, learn the words. See here how it was broken down the sprechen and also the letter. I hope my handwriting is legible, if not, feel free to ask where you need clarity. Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,ich heiße Julia. Ich und meine Familie möchten im August Dresden besuchen.

Wir brauchen ein Zimmer mit drei Betten (ein Doppelzimmer). Wir kommen am 15. August für drei Nächte. Was kostet eine Nacht in Ihrem Hotel? Ich warte auf Ihre Antwort. Danke im Voraus. Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Julia T. Wow! Das ist sehr practisch! Vielen dank Brenda!! This is a very throrough step by step explanation of the A1 exam preparation. Anyone who wants to pass should follow this process. Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,ich heiße Julia. Ich möchte mich für Ihren Deutschkurs anmelden.

Ich brauche Informationen über Ihre Adresse, wie viel kostet der Deutschkurs und wie lange dauert er? Wann beginnt der Kurs? Ich warte auf Ihre Antwort. Danke im Voraus. Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Julia T. I followed your advice 100%. I wrote all these Emails,did my Goethe A1exam und ich habe sehr gut gemacht. Achtundneunzig! Vielen Dank! For those yet to do their exams, alles gute and remember,only guess at the most 5!!. Hi Brenchie, how did you pass B2? Maybe you can share some tips. Gerade made ich B2, ich finde den Kurs ziemlich kompliziert und ich habe schon Angst vor der Prüfung 😭.