Navajo Nation Oil and Gas Company, a/k/a Navajo Nation Oil – Gas Company, Inc. (“NNOGC”) recognizes and accepts that its crude oil quantities covered by this agreement are effectively required to sell under the terms of this agreement and that all other obligations incurred by NOGC under this agreement are agreed upon and accepted. The undersigned, Western Refining, Inc., a Delaware company (the “guarantor”) for himself, his successors and the beneficiary of the assignment, agrees that he is financially interested in this debtor and declares himself ready to: Be responsible for these payment obligations, as if the same thing had been agreed upon and due by the undersigned himself, and agrees to pay these obligations on notification and on demand, for any balance which may be due and which, at any time, is due to the debtor for the products sold by that lender and put up for sale by that lender, subject to any defence that the debtor has, except for insolvency. This guarantee applies to any extension of secured receivables or receivables under this instrument, the extension of the payment period or any other change in conditions between the debtor and the creditor. The bond is not required to purchase, sell, deliver, deliver or transport crude oil, hydrocarbons, condensate, propane, natural gas or other products. B. Guarantee: The seller guarantees good ownership of all crude oils delivered here and ensures that this crude oil is free of all license fees, pledges, charges and applicable foreign, federal, government and local taxes. “delivery ticket,” a shipping/loading document or document indicating the nature and quality of the crude oil delivered, the volume delivered and the method of measurement, the specific gravity corrected, the temperature and the S-W. (1) If, due to force majeure, the force majeure declarant party (the “reporting party”) is not able to provide all or part of the amount of crude oil that the reporting party must provide under the agreement or contract associated with it, the other party (the “trading partner”) has the right, but not the obligation to reduce its crude oil deliveries by an amount that does not exceed the volume of a barrel of crude oil under the same agreement. Force majeure: with the exception of the payment due, each party is exempt from the responsibility for not performing this sub-activity for the duration and to the extent that: in which such a failure is caused by war, riots, riots, fires, explosions, sabotage, strikes and other labour or labour disturbances, acts of God or elements, government laws, regulations or requests, action to promote the International Energy Program, disruption or failure of production or transportation facilities, delays of pipeline promoter in receiving and supplying offers of crude or other oil, similar or otherwise, outside the control of that part.