From the examples below, it may appear that the NDA is a single-party agreement. For example, Company X is developing a product. The person who manufactures the product may retain the patent of a product that has not been placed on the market for the general public. Some of the above examples show non-reciprocal types of NDAs. For those who have been working in the business world for a long time, it is often necessary to understand the notion of a confidentiality agreement or NDA. The NDA should be seen as one of the important forms of the agreement. Because without a good understanding, an abandoned NDA can bring it to the green table. One example is an employee named Adi. For example, Company X holds a brainstorming session with Company Y. This is an in-depth explanation of confidentiality agreements (NDAs) and their species.

For example, there is Company X of the F&B sector and Company Y of the agency, these two companies are looking for collaboration. We understand, for example, what happens in the confessional. Everything that is said between the pastor and the community is confidential. Therefore, a pastor should not disclose the personal information he or she has received in the confessional. Not all of the examples cited above are written. But the NDA has become a code of ethics to which the profession must comply. Despite the code of conduct, the violation of this agreement still has consequences. There are many examples of agreements that preserve unwritten confidentiality in different areas.

In addition to the secrecy of parish priests, we also know the confidentiality of patient doctors. The physician also has the same obligation to keep the patient`s personal information and illness. In the professional world, a confidentiality agreement (NDA) is a confidentiality agreement that binds the employee who signed it. A doctor or hospital that has access to information about its patients is bound by this NDA agreement. We have dealt with information systems for hospitals where the hospital provides highly selective data to support our work. For example, the patient`s medical record, they make an example/dummy, so that the patient`s original data is not disclosed. Patients` medical records. The basis for this confidentiality also refers to Article 16 of the Doctor`s Professional Code of Ethics.

In this article, we discuss in detail the whole of the NDA in the business world. And including examples and consequences that can arise if a party does not comply. There are two types of NDA, namely a mutual confidentiality agreement and a non-reciprocal confidentiality agreement. . . .