Microsoft`s customer agreements are region-specific and are available in multiple languages. Find the customer`s preferred location and language in one of the following lists to download the right deal. 15.1 “Acceptable Use Directive” refers to the Directive at the following address: which, by reference, is included in this Agreement and may be updated from time to time. 12.1 This Agreement contains the documents and policies by reference (including references to information contained in a referenced URL or policy) and constitutes the overall agreement between you and us regarding the Services. This Agreement supersedes, removes and replaces all assurances, communications, understandings, undertakings and understandings (including all ancillary contracts of any kind) between you and us, whether in writing or orally, with respect to the Services. It is expressly agreed by the parties that the terms of this Agreement and the applicable order form supersede all terms that differ from or supplement the terms of this Agreement, including all conditions of your request for offer/offer/information, order, receipt, acceptance, confirmation, correspondence or any other document. 2 types of Atlassian products. This Agreement (a) regulates Atlassian`s commercially available downloadable software (currently referred to as “servers” or “data centers”) (“Software”), (b) Atlassian`s hosted or cloud-based solutions (currently referred to as “cloud”) (“Hosted Services”) and (c) any related support or maintenance services provided by Atlassian. Hosted software and services are referred to as “products” and the corresponding documentation. The Products and their Permitted Use are described in more detail in Atlassian`s standard documentation (“Documentation”). Section 6 (Software Terms) applies specifically to software and Section 7 (Terms applicable to hosted services) applies specifically to hosted services, but unless otherwise stated, other provisions of this agreement apply to all products. 2.2 Data protection. In order to protect the data protection information provided to us in connection with the provision of the Service, we will comply with Huawei Cloud`s Privacy Policy applicable to subscriber services, available in the following

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