On the Wikipedia page of the American Automobile Association (AAA), it is mentioned that members can mutually benefit from European agencies during a trip to Europe. The best guide I`ve found for mutual benefits abroad is the New Zealand AA here. Therefore, as an AAA member in Germany, you receive free ADAC troubleshooting assistance. Since the ADAC page only appears in German, its Wikipedia entry could be useful. Members belong to one of 42 individual clubs (see list of AAA regional clubs) and the clubs in turn own AAA. The number of local associations has decreased over time as a result of consolidation; In the 1970s, the organization included dozens of clubs that each served a single county, including New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Member clubs have a system of mutual service in place, so that members of a participating club can receive benefits from any other affiliate club. Members` ordinances fund all club services as well as the activities of the national organization. The AAA International Benefits website offers several links that could be useful. The most important of these is the AAA exchange program, which displays the list of clubs in different countries and sometimes provides a list of services offered by the mutual agreement. Welcome to the AAA Exchange`s International Clubs section. Here you will find contact information for foreign car clubs and a list of services provided by AAA members when travelling to other countries. Please note that the foreign club has not confirmed reciprocal services for AAA members if no service is mentioned.

For more information, please contact your AAA club on site. Not sure this is the right place to ask this question, but does anyone know if the Australian RACQ troubleshooting has a mutual agreement with AAA? Or should we watch AAA for our four-week road trip to the United States? Access to mutual troubleshooting services is limited to foreign members of the club who hold a valid road service product from their home club and is limited to the provision of RAA`s standard road service offer, which currently includes: I think the benefits are generally valid between all FIA (International Automobile Federation) clubs to which the AAA belongs. While the work of the AAA on behalf of motorists and travellers sometimes seems at odds with their environmental attitude, awareness of the underlying problems has led to a better understanding.